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RecipeBounty balls

Coming to candies my favorites are plain milk chocolates of Cadbury’s. I can call myself a purist as I don’t like much nuts and fruits in my candy bar. But after I got into work, I got to taste the various varieties of candies and bars available in US taking me to next levels of my chocolate experience.
After eating many such varieties the one stumbled me is bounty bars. I fell in love with the coconut chocolate combo. The soft creamy coconut inside with a lovely chocolate coating got etched into my tongue err heart at the first bite.

But never thought I could make it. Suddenly got a spark to try them at home. But Indira’s recipe wanted me to make a batch of coconut burfi. The lazy me searched for a simpler recipe. After much searching I got some idea after reading this recipe. The measurements are my own as I had different measures of ingredients at hand.
It did not disappoint me as such. The coconut balls itself turned to be a lovely creamy delight and upon a chocolate coating it just replicated bounty bars. And boy the time taken is way too less than I imagined…Just mix, refrigerate and dip. Its really that simple!

And without much ado I shall jump to the recipe!

Bounty Balls (For 50 one inch balls)

desiccated coconut (dry coarse coconut powder) – 3.5 cups
Condensed milk – 1 can (I used one tin of Milkmaid – 2 Tablespoon)
Granulated sugar – 1/2 cup
Grated dark chocolate – 1 cup
Fresh cream – 1/4 cup

How to make it ?

Take all the desiccated coconut in a wide mixing bowl. Add the condensed milk while stirring with a wooden spoon continuously. Once all the milk is added clean your hands and mix the dough to make it evenly distributed. It will be a sticky dough almost to a coarse chapathi dough. Grind the sugar in a mixie to a fine powder and sift it on the dough in 2-3 additions, kneading lightly after each addition. You will get a stiff dough. Gather it to a big ball.

Now pinch one tablespoon of dough to make 1 inch round balls and roll them to a smooth ball in between your palms. Keep them on a greased tray. I added 3-4 drops of ghee and brushed it on the tray to grease it. You can use any baking spray too.
After making all the balls refrigerate them for 20 minutes. In the mean while heat the cream just before boiling in a double boiler. Take it off the stove and add the dark chocolate to it and mix well to a smooth and shiny ganache. Dip each coconut ball with a fork and drip the excess chocolate and arrange it back in the same tray. Refrigerate till the ganache becomes firm and enjoy.

They were really tasty and melt in your mouth kind and far better than bounty bars. If you want a thick choco layer you can give several chocolate coatings refrigerating the balls in between each coating for 30 minutes.