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RecipeThe Monsoon and Curd cheese jamuns

At last the very hot summer has ended in my parts of the world and right away the rain Gods started showering their blessings upon us. Yes today we had the slight showers of monsoon. With a big sigh we feel relieved and happy. The mango season is in full swing (which was the only reason for me to welcome summer) and I am enjoying lots of ripe juicy mangoes. I have a dozen recipes bookmarked to try with mangoes but each time I pick one up I cannot resist to eat it as it is and no idea of cooking it comes to my mind ! he he! As the saying goes A rose is a rose is a rose I would say a mango is a mango is a mango . No puddings, cakes pancakes and milkshakes can alter its pure sweetness and plumpness. So who are all enjoying mangoes at this time? Share your experiences with me :)

I am a big fan of the book “Samaithu Paar” and the legend Meenakshi Ammal will be remembered by thousands of south indians for a long time. When I happened to check on the Marriage feast grocery list for 1000 people I can’t stop appreciating her. I used to try her recipes often and the below is an adapted version from her “Thayir Badushah” (Curd cheese badushah).

Recently bought a milk powder box for a short outing but almost half of it turned back home unused. Having a short expiry date I am using it everywhere I could. This is one of the recipes of that sought.

Curd cheese jamuns (Adapted from “Thayir badushah” from Samaithu paar)

Thick fresh curds – 1 Cup
All purpose flour or Maida – 1/2 Cup
Milk powder – 4-5 Table spoons (divided)
(Optional) Cooking soda – 1 pinch
Sugar – 1.5 Cups
Cardamom – 2
Salt – 1 pinch
Vanaspati or Ghee for frying the jamuns – 1 Cup


How to make ?

Make fresh curds the night before. Hang the curds to separate the whey in a thin white cloth for an hour. Once all water is drained take the soft cheese in a mixing bowl.and add the maida and cooking soda (if using, I omitted this). If you are using full cream milk and the above mix looks pliable and not that sticky proceed to the frying step. I ended up with a very sticky mass  which I can’t imagine to proceed for shaping. I added milk powder spoon full until the mass came to consistency where with oiled hands I could make small balls.

In the meanwhile take the sugar, a pinch of salt and crush the cardamoms and add it all to a heavy bottomed vessel. Add water until the sugar is just immersed and heat it till the syrup becomes sticky. Switch off the stove and keep the syrup aside. It cooks after that too and gets to the desired consistency. If the syrup gets cooked till 1 string consistency after taking it off the stove it gets crystallised. In turn adding few drops of lemon juice too helps stopping the crystallisation.

Heat the vanaspati or ghee till smoking and immediately simmer. Oil your hands and make small half inch balls and deep fry till golden. You can see few turned darker. Thats because of my over-frying. So be careful. As soon as the bubbles in the frying pan reduces take out the fried balls with a slotted spoon and immerse in sugar syrup. Repeat till all the dough is done. Let the balls soak in the syrup for an hour. Enjoy as it is or chilled. If you want it tio store for more than a day store in the refrigerator.

The curd cheese gives a hint of tanginess and the soft balls were a delight to bite into it. I tried shaping it to a badushah shape but it did not cook well but turned darker. Hence I sticked to the jamuns. Not like the coommon gulab jamuns the tanginess gives a totoayy new dimension to this sweet. Try it and let me know “)