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Tender coconut with Toddy Palm Seeds

Summer Sun is bright and strong in my part of the world and already we are drinking lots of butter milk, tender coconut and fruit juices. Sometimes I feel that I just can live on the liquids.

Toddy Palm seeds are one of the summer’s bounties and the entire family looks forward for it to appear in markets very eagerly. But one of our family friends visited us from his village with these precious balls along with the sweetest tender coconuts fresh from the tree.

I indulged in both of them to my fill but again this combo which we used to make last year strike my mind in the right time. It’s so easy to make and what a lovely way to chill out in this heat ?

Tender coconut relish

Ingredients :

Toddy palm seeds – 2 (should be tender and soft)

Tender coconut water – 1 Cup

How to make it ?

If the toddy palm seeds are tender you can retain their skin else remove it and chop it to long slices. Mix them in the tender coconut water and chill in fridge for few minutes. And indulge in the sweet chilly coconut water with mouthfuls of toddy palm seeds!

This lovely cooler goes to the Thanda Mela conducted by dear Valli! I wish you many more blogging years Valli!